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Jesu - Discography

Jesu is a band formed in 2003 in Abergele, Wales, United Kingdom by Justin Broadrick following the breakup of Godflesh. Jesu was the name of the last song on the final Godflesh release, Hymns, and Broadrick decided to adopt it as the name of his new project.

The first release, the Heart Ache EP, was released in 2004 and featured Broadrick playing all of the instruments. It was followed in 2005 by the full-length self-titled LP, which featured the addition of bassist Diarmuid Dalton and drummer Ted Parsons, although not every song featured both new members.

With their third release, 2006’s four song Silver EP, Jesu took a more melodic and layered approach, gaining comparison to shoegazing band My Bloody Valentine.

Their second full-length album, titled Conqueror, was released in February 2007 in the US, UK, in Europe and Japan. The Japanese edition also contained a bonus disc featuring the two tracks that constitute the ‘Sun Down’ / ‘Sun Rise’ EP, released elsewhere as a 12” album on April 23.

The band made their United States live debut, in March of 2007, as an opening act for Isis, although work permit problems caused them to miss the first three weeks of the tour. Neither Ted Parsons nor Diarmuid Dalton were able to participate in the tour and were temporarily replaced by Danny Walker, of Intronaut, and long time Broadrick collaborator, Dave Cochrane, respectively. During this tour, Jesu also made its South by Southwest debut as part of a Hydra Head showcase.

(

Regular Studio Albums

Jesu - Infinity (2009)

1. Infinity

Jesu - Pale Sketches (2007)

1. Don't Dream it
2. Can I go now?
3. Wash it all away
4. The Playgrounds are empty
5. Dummy
6. Supple Hope
7. Tiny Universes
8. Plans that fade

Jesu - Conqueror (2007)

1. Conqueror
2. Old Year
3. Transfigure
4. Weightless & Horizontal
5. Medicine
6. Brighteyes
7. Mother Earth
8. Stanlow

Jesu - Jesu (2004)

1. Your Path to Divinity
2. Friends are evil
3. Tired of me
4. We all Faulter
5. Walk on Water
6. Sun Day
7. Man Woman
8. Guardian Angel
9. Your Path to Divinity (The Endless Path)
10. Friends are evil (Highest Throne)


Jesu - Opiate Sun (2009)

1. Losing Streak
2. Opiate Sun
3. Deflated
4. Morning Light

Jesu - Why are we not perfect (2008)

1. Farewell
2. Blind and Faithless
3. Why are we not perfect
4. Farewell (Alternative Version)
5. Why are we not perfect (Alternative Version)

Jesu - Sun Down / Sun Rise (2007)

1. Sun Down
2. Sun Rise

Jesu - Lifeline (2007)

1. Lifeline
2. You wear their Masks
3. Storm comin' on
4. End off the Road

Jesu - Silver (2006)

1. Silver
2. Star
3. Wolves
4. Dead Eyes

Jesu - Heart Ache (2004)

1. Heartache
2. Ruined

Split EP's and Live Recordings

Jesu - Live at Roadburn (2008)

1. Sun Down
2. Brighteyes
3. Lifeline
4. You wear their Masks
5. The Playgrounds are empty

Envy / Jesu - Split (2008)

1. Envy - Conclusion of Existence
2. Envy - A Winter Quest for Fantasy
3. Envy - Life caught in the Rain
4. Jesu - Hard to Reach
5. Jesu - The Stars that hang above you

Jesu / Battle of Mice - Split (2008)

1. Jesu - Clear Stream
2. Jesu - Falling from Grace
3. Battle of Mice - The Bishop
4. Battle of Mice - Yellow and Black

Jesu / Eluvium - Split (2007)

1. Jesu - Farewell
2. Jesu - Blind and Faithless
3. Jesu - Why are we not perfect
4. Eluvium - Time Travel of the Sloth Part I-III

House of Broken Promises - Demo & Splits

If we were to compile a list of all that’s useless in modern rock music, we’d be here for days. In fact, it’d probably be easier - and quicker - to rattle off the few undeniably great things roaring up from the underground. Take Indio, California’s HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES. With their Small Stone debut “Using the Useless” this trio is leading the charge against mediocrity and watered down tepidness.

Formed from the ashes of the late, great, and woefully underappreciated Unida (which also featured John Garcia of Kyuss fame), HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES is a no-holds-barred double shot of classic hard rock. You can’t write riffs like the ones found on “Blister” and “Highway Grit” without them being part of your DNA. You can’t lay down grooves like those on “Walk on By” and “Obey the Snake” by accident. You have to feel ‘em in your bones. And that’s exactly what you get with HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES. Guitarist Arthur Seay, bassist/vocalist Eddie Plascencia, and drummer Mike Cancino are so in tune with what makes a rock song rock harder and better, it’d be scary if it wasn’t so awesome. When these three get together and play, they lay waste to the has beens, wanna bes, and hipsters, and they say in no uncertain terms, “This is how it’s gonna be.”

(Taken from

House of Broken Promises & Duster 69 - Split

1. House of Broken Promises - The Hurt (Paid my Dues)
2. Duster 69 - Going into Red

House of Broken Promises - Death in Pretty Wrapping (Demo)

1. She's got it
2. This one
3. Boundaries
4. Silver Spoon

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Black Math Horseman - Wyllt

Call it ambient post-doom. Call it alchemic psych-rock, only without all those annoying freeform guitar freakouts. Call it “pure spirits by ritual dismemberment.” Either way, Black Math Horseman is Sera Timms (bass/vocals), Ian Barry (guitar) Bryan Tulao (guitar) and Sasha Popovic (drums). They are from Los Angeles. Their debut album, Wyllt, was recorded and produced by desert guru Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Unida)

(Taken from

1. Tyrant
2. Deerslayer
3. A Barren Cause
4. Origin of Savery
5. Torment of the Metal
6. Bird of all Faiths an none / Bell from Madrone

Candlemass - Discography

Candlemass is a band formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1984. Candlemass arose from the earlier Nemesis outfit belonging to bassist Leif Edling and guitarist Christian Weberyd. Prior to the dissolvement of the group, Nemesis had released the highly praised ‘Day Of Retribution’ album in 1984. Debuting Candlemass on the tape trading circuit with the four song ‘Witchcraft’ demo in 1984, featuring a line-up of Edling, Weberyd and drummer Mats Ekström, and a second demo that November, the band promptly signed to the French Black Dragon label. Having added former A.T.C. guitarist Mats Björkman (a.k.a. ‘Mappe’) the band began recording what would become the ‘Epicus, Doomicus, Metallicus’ debut at Thunderload Studios with Ragne Wahlquist, frontman for Heavy Load, manning the desk.

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Regular Studio Albums

Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986)

1. Solitude
2. Demons Gate
3. Crystal Ball
4. Black Stone Wielder
5. Under The Oak
6. A Sorcerers Pledge

Candlemass - Nightfall (1987)

1. Gothic Stone
2. The Well Of Souls
3. Codex Gigas
4. At The Gallows End
5. Samarithan
6. Marche Funebre
7. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
8. Mourners Lament
9. Bewitched
10. Black Candles


Candlemass - Ancient Dreams (1988)

1. Mirror, Mirror
2. A Cry from the Crypt
3. Darkness in Paradise
4. Incarnation of Evil
5. Bearer of Pain
6. Ancient Dreams
7. The Bells of Acheron
8. Epistle No 81
9. Black Sabbath Medley

Candlemass - Tales of Creation (1989)

1. The Prophecy
2. Dark Reflections
3. Voices In The Wind
4. Under The Oak
5. Tears
6. Into The Unfathomed Tower
7. The Edge Of Heaven
8. Somewhere In Nowhere
9. Through The Infinite Halls Of Death
10. Dawn
11. A Tale Of Creation


Candlemass - Chapter VI (1992)

1. The Dying Illusion
2. Julie Laughs No More
3. Where The Runes Still Speak
4. The Ebony Throne
5. Temple Of The Dead
6. Aftermath
7. Black Eyes
8. The End Of Pain


Candlemass - Dactylis Glomerata (1998)

1. Wiz
2. I Still See the Black
3. Dustflow
4. Cylinder
5. Karthago
6. Abstract Sun
7. Apathy
8. Lidocain God
9. Molotov


Candlemass - From The 13th Sun (1999)

1. Droid
2. Tot
3. Elephant Star
4. Blumma Apt
5. ARX/NG 891
6. Zog
7. Galatea
8. Cyclo-F
9. Mythos


Candlemass - Candlemass (2005)

1. Black Dwarf
2. Seven Silver Keys
3. Assassin Of The Light
4. Copernicus
5. The Man Who Fell From The Sky
6. Witches
7. Born In A Tank
8. Spellbreaker
9. The Day And The Night


Candlemass - King of the Grey Islands (2007)

1. Prologue
2. Emperor Of The Void
3. Devil seed
4. Of stars And smoke
5. Demonia 6
6. Destroyer
7. Man Of shadows
8. Clearsight
9. The Opal City
10. Embraciing The Styx


Candlemass - Death Magic Doom (2009)

1. If I Ever Die
2. Hammer Of Doom
3. The Bleeding Baroness
4. Demon Of The Deep
5. House Of 1000 Voices
6. Dead Angel
7. Clouds Of Dementia
8. My Funeral Dreams


Totimoshi - Discography

Totimoshi was formed in Oakland, CA by singer/guitarist Tony Aguilar and bassist Meg Castellanos in November 1997. After a slew of 6 drummers-some lasting longer than others, Luke Herbst joined the band in Febuary 2005.

(Taken from

Regular Studio Albums

Totimoshi - Milagrosa (2008)

1. Sound of the Horn
2. Fall and Bound
3. El Emplazado
4. Last Refrain
5. The Seeing Eye
6. Milagrosa
7. Forver in Bone
8. The Whisper
9. Gnat
10. Little Bee
11. Dear

Totimoshi - Ladron (2007)

1. Ladron
2. In Virgo
3. The Dance of Snakes
4. Gods of Earth
5. Viva Zapata
6. A weighted Line
7. To the Fire
8. The Hide
9. These Meanings
10. The drunken Sun forever watching
11. The Shame

Totimoshi - Monoli (2003)

1. Vader
2. The Pigs are Shemin'
3. Fancy Pants
4. Light lay frowning
5. The Hero released from Fright
6. Make your Day
7. The Skies over monolith Mountain
8. Possum
9. You Know

Totimoshi - Mysterioso (2001)

1. Float
2. Screwed
3. Cellophane
4. The Bleed
5. Dirt Farmer
6. Vitreol-A
7. Oblivion
8. Horselaugh

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Moss - Discography

One of the most extreme doom acts out there. Moss is sort of like an unholy mixture between funeral doom and sludge doom. Ultra slow, Ultra heavy music that will appeal to all fans of extreme doom metal. The sick screams add even more to the distorted musical view of Moss. The music however also knows some more ambient parts, which help the foreboding atmosphere even more. Moss is one of the most interesting Doom acts of recent times, but only for those who are into extreme Doom.

(Taken from

Regular Studio Albums

Moss - Sub Templum (2008)

1. Ritus
2. Subterraen
3. Dragged to the Roots
4. Gate III - Devils from the Outer Dark

Moss - The Tormented (2006)

1. Side A
2. Side B

Moss - Underworld Ritual (2005)

1. The Gate

Moss - Cthonic Rites (2005)

1. Crypts of Somnambulance
2. The Gate

Moss - Tape of Doom (2004)

1. Deaths Shadow
2. Gimp Funeral

Moss - Demo (2002)

1. Whispers from Below
2. Empty Veins
3. Crawling through broken Children
4. Cavarnous Delusions

Split EP's

Moss / Monarch - Split (2007)

1. Monarch - I got Errection (Turbonegro Cover)
2. Moss - Maimed & Slaughtered (Discharge Cover)

Moss / Wolfmangler - Protected by the Ejaculation of Wolves (2005)

1. Moss - Abortion Clinic
2. Moss - Noise 003 (...Of Flesh and Blood)
3. Wolfmangler - Survive
4. Wolfmangler - Autumn Leaves
5. Wolfmangler - Curling
6. Wolfmangler - Prelude to Mangling
7. Wolfmangler - Trompeten

Bunkur / Moss - Split (2004)

1. Bunkur - Erblicket die Töchter des Firmaments (Burzum Cover)
2. Moss - Cop (Swans Cover)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Boris - Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Volume III

Boris formed in 1992 and consists of:

Takeshi - bass, rhythm guitar, vocals
Wata - lead guitar
Atsuo - drums, vocals

Boris are known to regularly switch musical genres between albums. Drawing from a wide variety of musical styles including psychedelic rock, punk, sludge, doom, minimalism, drone and more. Boris takes its name from a song on Bullhead by Melvins.

(

1. 16-47-52
2. ...And hear nothing!

Torche - Meanderthal Demos

Presently based out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Miami, Florida, USA, Torche have been playing together since 2004 following the disbanding of long-time sludge veterans Floor. The band has since gone on to release two full length records and has toured with Mogwai, Kylesa, Isis, Jesu, Boris, Pelican, Harvey Milk .

In early 2007, Torche’s “S/T” CD/LP was remastered and re-issued with a bonus track in the states by Robotic Empire and in Europe by Rock Action (Mogwai’s respective label). In 2007 they also released “In Return” CDEP/10” on Robotic Empire.

(

1. Triumph of Venus
2. Grenades
3. Pirhana
4. Speed of the Nail
5. Sandstorm
6. Healer
7. Across the Shields

YOB - Discography

YOB was brought into being by vocalist / guitarist Mike Scheidt during the mid 90s. Previous to founding YOB, Scheidt had operated as a drummer with Hardcore acts chemikill and Dirty Sanchez and held down bass duties in H.C. MINDS. The original incarnation of YOB featured Scheidt alongside bassist Lowell Iles and drummer Greg Ocon. However, by the time of recording the 2001 album Elaborations of Carbon, YOB comprised Scheidt, bassist Isamu Satu, previously with death metal act Thrombus and former Lightweight drummer Gabe Morley. Satu also operates H.C. Minds whilst Morley divides his time with Fingertrap.

Hailing from the ever-gray skies of Eugene, OR, USA comes YOB, a band already well on their way to make their mark in the doom metal scene worldwide. Formed in 1996 by founding member Mike Scheidt, YOB started creating and destroying ideas that would become the foundation for one of doom metal’s most shining hopefuls.

The first three song self-titled demo was submitted to in 1999, sending shockwaves into the stoner rock/doom scene worldwide. This demo was a bold statement of intent: uncompromising heavy doom metal. Within YOB’s sound, which is equal parts Sleep, Burning Witch, Neurosis, High on Fire and Electric Wizard, YOB has accomplished song craft that is as much their own sound as it is paying homage to the doom metal greats of both times of yore and present.

In 2001 YOB recorded its first full-length record for 12th Records in Spokane, Washington titled Elaborations of Carbon. This offering received dozens of rave reviews from magazines and fans worldwide, securing YOB’s place as one of the best doom metal bands in the scene today. The Lollipop Magazine review of Elaborations of Carbon says, “Six mighty songs of beautiful doom-laden sound, full and expansive. Inverted, hanging riffs, Melvenoid spacey trudging, Tab-esque motion, and a deep well of compositional creativity…only a complete dupe would say this isn’t a good one”.

2002 saw YOB secure a recording contract with Lunasound/Abstract Sounds. Their first CD for this label, Catharsis, hit the streets worldwide November 4th, 2003. Featuring a stronger production and three songs clocking in at 50 minutes, those who have heard it proclaim it is the best YOB record yet.

(

Regular Studio Albums

 YOB - Demo (2009)

1. Silence
2. Revolution (Original Sick Version)
3. Dogma

YOB - The Great Cessation (2009)

1. Burning the Altar
2. The Lie that is Sin
3. Silence of Heaven
4. Breathing from the Shallows
5. The Great Cessation

YOB - The Unreal never lived (2005)

1. Quantum Mystic
2. Grasping Air
3. Kosmos
4. The Mental Tyrant

 YOB - The Illusion of Motion (2004)

1. Ball of molten Lead
2. Exorcism of the Host
3. Doom #2
4. The Illusion of Motion

YOB - Catharsis (2003)

1. Aeons
2. Ether
3. Catharsis

YOB - Elaborations of Carbon (2002)

1. Universe Throb
2. All the Children Forgotten
3. Clear Seeing
4. Revolution
5. Pain of I
6. Asleep in Samsara