Friday, November 13, 2009

Thou / Salome - Our Enemy Civilization (Split EP)

Thou is a doom/sludge/drone metal band from Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. They have relased a full length LP “Tyrant” on One Eye Records, and a CD version of the record out on Gilead Media. There were also a number a records released in the summer of 2008 on Dead Earth, Woodsmoke, Halo of Flies, Shaman, Rimbaud, Feast of Tentacles, Autopsy Kitchen and more. These new releases include another full length “Peasant” , a couple of EPs and splits with Leech, Black September, Human Intruder and Mohoram Atta.

(Taken from

Salome is a crushing doom band from Northern Virginia.

Vocals: Kat
Guitars: R. Moore
Drums: A. Deal

(Taken from

1. Thou - The Song of Illuminate Darkness
2. Thou - Reprise
3. Salome - With Hell for a Mouth
4. Salome - Carving the Ether


  1. Never dropped a comment here 'till now. Thanks for all these posts.
    Great work.

    (this place
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  2. Thanks for the comment dude. Yeah we support supersuper with the links. Its the old sordomusic.

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