Monday, November 23, 2009

Sascha Funke - Mango

A kind of techno that sways between the polarity of emotional overload and concrete rationale – hence immediacy, which is what Sascha Funke is all about.

Sascha listens to a lot of euro-dance-pop as a twelve year-old his first purchased record after the fall of the wall was “technotronic mega mix”.
First contact with techno and house is thanks to marusha’s radio show “rave satellite;” Sascha buys his first techno record “the seawolf” (underground resistance/ ur).

(

1. Mango
2. We are facing the Sun
3. Feather
4. Take a Chance with me
5. Summer Rain
6. Double Checked
7. Lotre (mehr Fleisch)
8. Chemin des Figons
9. The Fortunes Cookie Symphony

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