Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brutal Truth - Evolution through Revolution

After 12-years of relative inactivity, at least in terms of releasing albums, our favourite headfuck grinders Brutal Truth are finally ready to unleash their eagerly awaited fourth full length, the utterly insane “Evolution through Revolution”. After being lucky enough to have witnessed a few of these songs at last years return live performances, hopes were high (excuse the pun) for the release of this album, but after so many years could the band hold up just as well on record as they did on stage? Fucking damn right they can.

It takes less than a second for you to feel the full brunt of Brutal Truth’s arsenal as “Sugardaddy” quite literally explodes through the speakers, unleashing those unmistakable disjointed blasts and monstrous grooves, insane guitar/bass acrobatics and Kevin Sharpe’s primordial roars like they have never been away. Referring back to 1994’s “Need to Control” in terms of the mammoth production job and song structuring, tracks like “On the Hunt”, “Attack Dog” and the ball-breaking title track hack away at the limbs relentlessly, while more experimental moments on tracks “Detached” and “Semi-Automatic Carnation” give the album the extra depth and charge needed for the faster, more typically Brutal Truth tracks to explode with increasingly violent force. Of course, you can hear the jazzy/spazzy vibes of “Sounds of the Animal Kingdom” creeping through in many of the guitar riffs and vocal phrasings, but whereas “Sounds…” came across a bit too flat in the production stakes, this album more than makes up for with its thunderous, almost inhuman/superhuman delivery. With the many reformations from metal bands in recent years it is refreshing to hear one that has actually come back in better form than ever, actually living up to the inevitable hype by putting a lifetime of dedication and passion into every single note, beat and vocal line.

Re-inventing the grindcore wheel to keep turning and crushing in ways you probably thought impossible, “Evolution through Revolution” once again sets Brutal Truth quite literally thousands of miles above their contemporaries. What with this, the new album from Agoraphobic Nosebleed and the amazing new album from Napalm Death, it becomes clear that the future of our beloved grindcore scene looks very fucking good indeed.

(From "Archaic Magazine")

1. Sugardaddy
2. Turmoil
3. Daydreamer
4. On the Hunt
5. Fist in Mouth
6. Get a Therapist Spare the World
7. War is good
8. Evolution through Revolution
9. Powder Burn
10. Attack Dog
11. Branded
12. Detached
13. Global good Guy
14. Humpty Finance
15. Semi-Automatic Carnation
16. Itch
17. Afterworld
18. Lifer
19. Bob Dylan wrote Propaganda Songs
20. Grind Fidelity

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