Thursday, November 5, 2009

Zatokrev - Zatokrev

Zatokrev is a Doom/Death Metal band that formed in Basel, Switzerland in 1992, they have been active since then, and are currently signed to Code:Breaker Records. Their lyrics are in Czech, Slovak and English Language, since Frederyk Rotter, who does vocals/guitar, is Czech-born. The band name can be translated as “Blood For This”.

(Taken from
Another great sludge band from Switzerland. The description says something about death metal but that ain't right. Riff filled sludge in the style of Kehlvin or Amenra is something you will get with this release. Switzerland must be sludgeland. Enjoy!

1. Reveal
2. C Throug
3. Alive
4. ...Zato Krev
5. Fourem

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  1. Hi there, this demo is awesome, but the links are dead. I have a question for you: do you know the name of this band?

    Somebody told me it is Zatokrev but it is not.