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The Angelic Process - Discography

The Angelic Process consisted of K. Angylus and M. Dragynfly, out of Jacksonville, AL and Athens, GA, respectively. They formed in 1999 in Macon, Georgia, USA, and released their debut “…And Your Blood Is Full Of Honey” in the same year. Their follow-up album “Coma Waering” was originally released in 2003 (by Artwrek) but The Angelic Process remained completely unknown until Paradigms Recordings re-released “Coma Wearing” in 2006. The Angelic Process signed to Profound Lore Records, and their last album “Weighing Souls With Sand” came out in may 2007. As of October 2007, the band was put on hold indefinitely due to K.Angylus’ severe hand injury.

It has been reported that Kris aka K. Angylus passed away on April 26, 2008.

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Regular Studio Albums

The Angelic Process - Weighing Souls with Sand (2007)

1. The Promise of Snakes
2. Million Year Summer
3. The Resonance of Goodbye
4. We all die laughing
5. Dying in A-Minor
6. Weighing Souls with Sand
7. Mouvement - World Defeting Eclipse
8. Burning in the Undertow of God
9. Mouvement - The Smoke of her Burning

The Angelic Process - We all die laughing (2006)

1. We all die laughing
2. Bleedbeliever
3. Mouvement - Soleil et Noir
4. The Resonance of Goodbye
5. How to build a Time Machine
6. Mouvement - Every City is a Prison

The Angelic Process - Sigh (2006)

1. Sigh
2. Trance to the Sun
3. Mouvement - With Mouthfulls of Blood
4. The Black Ark

The Angelic Process - Coma Waering (2006)

1. My Blood still whispers
2. The Sun in Braids
3. Mouvement - The Flesh is Weak
4. Crippled Healing
5. Coma Waering
6. Mouvement - The Rest of the World is Noise
7. Rid the Past by Dying
8. Mouvement - Shielded by Death suspended by Light

The Angelic Process - ...And your Blood is full of Honey (2006)

1. Welcome to Oblivion
2. Mouvement - Humble Man
3. Worried Man
4. And your Blood is full of Honey
5. Mouvement - The Body in it's Space
6. The Ruinned Life of someone better
7. Hang him Higher
8. Cages of Blod and Bone


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