Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ultra Dolphins - Mar

Ultra Dolphins are continually on the move and hail from varied residences such as Brooklyn NY, Richmond VA, Philadelphia PA and the Catskill Mountains of upstate NY, - mainly based in Richmond, Virginia, United States. Formed in 2005.

When not touring in a beat-up van with broken windows they work in puppet shops, vegan cookie factories, and porno warehouses. Born and raised in basements of Harrisonburg, VA, the Ultra Dolphins seemed content to stay there.

Their live performances which were fabled to include pyrotechnics, nudity, stir frying, and relentless free form noise and improvisation, soon found them a cult-like following of like-minded weirdos who became integrated into the spectacle of rock and punk confusion. With guitars that sometimes crash like percussion instruments and sometimes riff like Jimmy Page over a thick rhythm section, the band was somehow both more chaotic yet tighter than anything else going on in the underground. An urgent punk energy fueled each and every sing-along, power-riff, infectious bass-line and ferocious downbeat. Now, many tours and years later, the energy created at their live shows has spread far, like some sort of glorious disease with no sign of a cure.

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1. Mar
2. Towngoat
3. Matthew O'Connor
4. William's Nightmare
5. Ship to Shore
6. Great Neurasthenic
7. If you will
8. Lunge
9. Winged Babblar
10. One, Two, Three, Four
11. Workhorse
12. Sickman Outside

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