Monday, November 16, 2009

Boris - Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Volume I & II

Boris formed in 1992 and consists of:

Takeshi - bass, rhythm guitar, vocals
Wata - lead guitar
Atsuo - drums, vocals

Boris are known to regularly switch musical genres between albums. Drawing from a wide variety of musical styles including psychedelic rock, punk, sludge, doom, minimalism, drone and more. Boris takes its name from a song on Bullhead by Melvins.

They made their first recorded appearance on an obscure 1994 compilation entitled Take Care of Scabbard Fish, released only in Japan and now out of print. Absolutego, their full-length debut, came out in 1996 on the band’s own Fangs Anal Satan imprint but was unavailable in the U.S. for years, a situation that was remedied when the Los Angeles-based Southern Lord label reissued the album in early 2001 along with a bonus track and new packaging.

(

Boris - Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Volume I (2009)

1. 8
2. Hey Everyone

Boris - Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Volume II (2009)

1. H.M.A (Heavy Metal Addict)
2. Black Original

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