Friday, November 13, 2009

Wormwood - Starvation

Sludgy metal from Seattle, WA, with gothic synth-dirges buried in an avalanche of highly saturated bass and thundering percussion. All members contribute with vocals that span a wide range of scary growling. Crushing and ugly, but with enough atmosphere and songwriting talent to keep it interesting.

Band members are Larry Perrigo and Pat Freed, both on bass and vocals, Lara Haynes on keyboard and vocals, with Pete Jay and Brandon Fitzsimons on drums and percussion/samples/vocals respectively.

(Taken from

1. Passages of lesser Light
2. Release from Expectation
3. Finite
4. As you bind, so are you bound
5. The Towering Outdoors
6. Last Night I dreamed that somebody loved me
7. No true Altruism
8. Starvation
9. Gluttony

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