Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coalesce - OX (EP)

Coalesce is a Kansas City based hardcore/metal band. Their music is characterized by strange shifting tempos, noise, groove, and boundless creativity paralleled only by the band’s peers in groups like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch.

The band began in January of 1994 and originally consisted of Jes Steineger (guitar), Stacy Hilt (bass) and Jim Redd (drums). During this time they played under the name Breach, however, when Sean Ingram joined as a vocalist later in the year, the members opted to change their name to Coalesce.

With their name and lineup solidified, Coalesce entered West End Studios to record a demo which was pressed to a 7” EP that rapidly sold out.

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After striking back with OX earlier this year Coalesce now return with the OX EP. Enjoy the seven songs!

1. Oxe to Ore
2. The blind Eye
3. Joyless in Life
4. To my ruin
5. Absent in Death
6. Through Sparrows I rest
7. Ore to Earth

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