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Fall of Efrafa - Discography

Fall of Efrafa are a concept band formed in Brighton, United Kingdom in 2005, starting life as a cello driven hardcore band, yet after various line up changes, focused on creating their own sound, mixing elements of post rock, post metal and ambient folk black metal- taking influence from bands such as Neurosis, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Agalloch and Buried Inside. They now describe their music as heavy atmospheric post-hardcore.

The concept is based loosely around their own interpretation of the Mythology in the novel “Watership Down” by Richard Adams. The band has created a trilogy of records known collectively as “The Warren of Snares”: Owsla (guardian), Elil (enemy) and lastly Inlé (death). The narrative behind the lyrics follows a society on the brink of social collapse, under a theocratic rule. An uprising occurs in the face of a greater enemy. Characters from the book, and the make believe language known as ‘lapine’ are also included in both the artwork and lyrics.

The band have received a lot of praise for their music, both for the concept surrounding the band - a mix of mythological language and imagery amidst anti-religious, animal rights ideologies - and the music itself, although fans are often divided, when pigeon holing their sound.

The band is staunchly DIY, but manage to sidestep specific labels by incorporating a mixture of disparate post rock and avant-garde / folk black metal passages and hardcore punk influences.

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Regular Studio Albums

Fall of Efrafa - Inlé (2009)

1. Simulacrum
2. Fu Inlé
3. Republic of Heaven
4. The Burial
5. Woundwort
6. The Sky Suspended
7. The Warren of Snares

Fall of Efrafa - Tharn (2008)

1. Tharn

Fall of Efrafa - Elil (2007)

1. Beyond the Veil
2. Dominion Theology
3. For El Ahraihrah to Cry

Fall of Efrafa - Owsla (2006)

1. Intro
2. Pity the Weak
3. A Soul to Bare
4. Lament
5. Last but not least
6. The Fall of Efrafa

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