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Sleep - Discography

After an overlooked debut, Sleep released a well-received follow-up, Sleep’s Holy Mountain, in 1992 on Earache. The record had obvious Black Sabbath influences, and has been described as ‘the best Black Sabbath never wrote.’

The success of Sleep’s Holy Mountain landed Sleep a contract with a larger record company (London), who paid up front for Sleep’s next record. As the story goes, Sleep went out and spent all the money on Orange amplifiers and marijuana (although this is denied by the band), then went on to record what is easily one of both stoner rock and doom metal’s defining moments; the 1 hour long Dopesmoker.

London refused to publish the record, and Sleep privately released a somewhat shortened version of the song (as a bootleg) in 1998 as Jerusalem before splitting up. Jerusalem was properly released in 1999, however it took until 2003 for Dopesmoker to be released in all its glory on teepee records.

Sleep’s guitarist, Matt Pike, went on to form High on Fire.

Cisneros returned to public music in 2003 with former band mate Chris Hakius as OM, a bass and drum duo. The band’s first three albums feature Cisneros on vocals and bass and Hakius on drums.

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Regular Studio Albums

Sleep - Dopesmoker (2003)

1. Dopesmoker
2. Sonic Titan

Sleep - Jerusalem (1999)

1. Jerusalem (Part I)
2. Jerusalem (Part II)
3. Jerusalem (Part III)
4. Jerusalem (Part IV)
5. Jerusalem (Part V)
6. Jerusalem (Part VI)

Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain (1993)

1. Dragonaut
2. The Druid
3. Evil Gypsy - Solomons Theme
4. Some Grass
5. Aquarian
6. Holy Mountain
7. Inside the Sun
8. From Beyond
Nain's Baptism

Sleep - Volume I (1991)

1. Stillborn
2. The Suffering
3. Numb
4. Anguish
5. Catatonic
6. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
7. The Wall of Yawn
8. Prey
9. Scourge

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