Monday, November 9, 2009

MGR vs. SirDSS - Impromptu

What began as an informal recording-program tutorial became a (only slightly more formal) recording session between Isis guitarist/MGR mastermind Mike Gallagher and former Get Hustle/Slug guitarist David Scott Stone (whose collaborations include work with the Melvins, Big Business, The Locust, Merzbow, Unwound, Mike Patton and Tool guitarist Adam Jones). The result is the aptly titled Impromptu, which casts the listener adrift in a sea of dark reverberations and ominous implications, of foreboding premonitions with overtones of impending doom. Somewhere in the distance, a door creaks open (or is it shut?) as Stone conjures gurgling electronic ephemera and muffled sheets of cacophony while Gallagher unfurls mile-wide string bends from the bottom of a cavernous echo chamber. At once imbued with Touch Records-style ambience and something considerably
m o r e
Impromptu slow-boils with acoustic death marches, the hot sparks of yawning alloy and the faint smell of blood before closing with the unnerving 15-minute soundscape “Disregard For SBS,” which was recorded oh-so-appropriately on Super Bowl Sunday.
All of which makes a hell of a lot more sense when you actually slap this thing on and listen to it—which, by the way, we totally recommend.

(Taken from Neurotrecordings)

1. At Odds
2. Following Electro Acoustic Theory
3. In Conjunction
4. Disregard for SBS

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