Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Set Fire To Flames - Sings Reign Rebuilder

Set Fire To Flames is a post-rock band of thirteen musicians from Montreal, Canada, formed in 1999, who have released two albums on Alien8 Recordings or FatCat Recordings depending on where you live.

Both albums were recorded “in states of little or no sleep, in varying levels of intoxication, and in physical confinement,” with the result being brooding, eerie music. The material for their first album Signs Reign Rebuilder was created over five days in a dilapidated old apartment in Montreal and is a mixture of improvisation, composition, and environment noises. Their sophomore double album Telegraphs in Negative / Mouths Trapped In Static was recorded in a barn in rural Ontario; the sounds of the creaking doors and other background noise are heard in the songs.

Many of their tracks are very minimalist in nature, filled with ambient noise and various other non-musical sound effects, juxtaposed or combined with instrumental music.

The band is often considered a side-project of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and the two musical ensembles share several members.

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[ Alien8 Recordings/FatCat Recordings | 2001 | Post-Rock | 320kbps | 1:13:17 ]

1. I Will Be True - 2:39
2. Vienna Arcweld - 13:45
3. Steal Compass - 6:12
4. Wild Dogs Of The Thunderbolt - 4:54
5. Omaha - 6:16
6. There Is No Dance In Frequency - 4:16
7. Cote D'Abrahams Room Tone - 4:35
8. Love Song For 15 Ontario - 3:19
9. Injur- Gutted Two-Track - 2:49
10. When I First Get To Phoenix - 3:12
11. Shit-Heap-Gloria Of The New Town Planning... - 10:50
12. Jesus, Pop - 1:42
13. Esquimalt Harbour - 2:16
14. Two Years In A Bucket - 3:43


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Clann Zú - Rua

Clann Zú was an Australian band that formed in Melbourne in 1999. The forming members drew inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical styles, such as punk, rock, folk, electronic & classical. Their fusion of Celtic folk, electronic music and rock has created a unique epic soundscape full of powerful atmospheric sounds and off-beat instrumentation. Their songs are bilingual, utilising both Irish and English lyrics.

They were with G7 Welcoming Committee Records, an independent record label established by Chris Hannah and Jordan Samoleski - of labelmates Propagandhi - and Regal in 1997.

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Download this if you liked Crippled Black Phoenix, this is somewhat similar in the mood they create and the musical means they use.

[ G7 Welcoming Committee | 2003 | Folk Rock/Post-Rock/Indie/Celtic Folk | 256kbps | 48:12 ]

1. Words For Snow - 4:35
2. Five Thousand More - 4:12
3. Hope This Day - 3:15
4. All That You've Ever Known - 5:33
5. Everyday - 4:02
6. All The People Now - 6:30
7. Ri Rá - 3:20
8. Lights Below - 6:09
9. Crashing to the Floor - 3:44
10. You're Listening to a Dead Man Speak - 6:52


+ Track 8

Arms And Sleepers - Matador Remixed

Arms and Sleepers began one night in the back of an ambulance in Cambridge. In an alleyway a man was bleeding with a cassette player in hand, the play button still on. What sounded like recordings of a gospel choir blared from the tin speaker, while down the street a jazz band could be heard.

The man was dying. He dropped the cassette player on the cement and closed his eyes, the sound carrying through the air into his ears for one last time. Though this moment in time died with him, his cassette lived on — and Arms and Sleepers were born.

Persistent international touring and constant dissemination of their sounds makes Arms and Sleepers a worthy opponent for the typical temporal constraints that can befall a band. Having issued a series of limited edition releases and the well-received Bliss Was it in That Dawn to be Alive EP (Fake Chapter) in 2007, Black Paris 86 is their debut full-length on Expect Candy Records (DE).

A tight and intense record, listening to it feels like sitting in a cinema, watching landscapes, beauty and tragedy - feeling warm and safe while a hint of mystery seems to whisper that not everything is ok out there.

The brand new release of this great band. Remixes of their album "Matador" from other bands and themselves. Enjoy it!

Arms And Sleepers - Matador Remixed

(Expect Candy / 2010 / Trip Hop/Electronic/Ambient / 256 kbp/s)

01. Matador (Uzi & Ari remix) 5:42
02. The Architekt (Lymbyc Systym remix) 4:40
03. Twentynine Palms (Nolens Volens remix) 4:57
04. Simone (Amanda Rogers remix) 3:25
05. Helvetica (The American Dollar remix) 3:17
06. The Architekt (The Consulate General vs. Boy In Static remix) 4:32
07. The International (Arms and Sleepers remix) 5:38
08. Kino (Thisquietarmy remix) 5:31
09. The Architekt (Bigadiga remix) 4:03
10. The Paramour (Elika remix) 3:03


Friday, June 4, 2010

y lime? - Hunan Garden

Y Lime? is a brother sister duo from Chicago. Emily sings and plays guitar, while Zak plays bass. They sing songs about zombies, veganism, and friends.

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There's really nothing more to say. Beautiful folk with extremely cute lyrics sung by a girl, what's more to life?

[ probably self-released | 2008 | Folk | 128kbps | 19:56 ]

1. Not Ass Like Donkey, Ass Like Your Butt - 3:20
2. Nostalgia - 3:43
3. Animal Testing 2:48
4. Zom-bees 3:11
5. Corey 3:46
6. 4131 (apples) - 2:11
7. Springs 3:15
8. Copper Harbor - 2:23
9. Casper - 2:51
10. Leaving Isolation Station - 2:28