Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grief - Torso

Grief was founded in 1991 by Terry Savastano and drummer Randy Odierno of Disrupt. Grief’s sludgy doom metal brought extremely slow riffs to the metal underground. The band was heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Eyehategod and doom warriors Saint Vitus. Grief’s music was jagged, noisy, harsh and brutally dissonant. Lead singer Jeff Hayward favored the sort of tortured, throat-shredding, screaming vocals that were quite common in death metal/black metal and grindcore, and that risk-taking combination of torturous vocals and slow, Sabbath-influenced riffs made Grief one of the more influential Sludge/Doom metal bands to emerge in the early ‘90s.

They broke up in 2001 mainly due to drummer problems - something that was an ongoing problem for the band from the start. They also cited what they called a “hostile environment for doom metal bands”. They reunited briefly in July 2005 to play a cluster of reunion shows.

(Taken from Last.fm)
One of my favorite records by Grief. The early sludge sound from the '90s is unique. Shredding walls of distored guitar noise, tortured screams and slow Sabbath like riffing. If you don't have this one yet make sure to get it. Enjoy!

1. I hate Lucy
2. Polluted
3. Amorphous
4. Life can be...
5. To Serve and Neglect
6. Beyond Waste
7. Tar

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