Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nadja - Split EP's and Collaborations

Nadja is a Canadian duo featuring multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker and bassist/vocalist Leah Buckareff. Originally formed in 2003 in Toronto, Canada as a Baker solo project, Buckareff joined in 2005 to bring the project out of the studio and into live settings. The now-duo creates music that has been variously called ambient doom, drone metal.

To date, Nadja has released 14 full-length CDs, in addition to various eps, splits, and collaborations with such artists as Atavist, Black Boned Angel, Fear Falls Burning, A Storm of Light, Pyramids. Nadja works with a variety of labels, including Alien8 Recordings, Important Records, Beta-lactam Ring Records, Crucial Blast, and The End Records.

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Most visitors of this blog should be familiar with the Canadian drone-duo Nadja. We allready had some up here. This now contains the split ep's and collaborations that have been done in the last years, featuring bands like Moss, Fear Falls Burning or Satori. Enjoy!

Nadja @ Myspace

Nadja / Atavist / Satoir - Final Procession...and then everything dies

1. Nadja - Time is our Disease
2. Atavist - Certitude
3. Satori - Abyss

Nadja & Black Boned Angel - Nadja & Black Boned Angel

1. I
2. II

Nadja / 5-5-2000 - Tumpisa

1. Nadja - Spahn
2. 5-5-2000 - Shadows in the Valley of Death

Nadja & Netherworld - Magma to Ice

1. Netherworld - Closing to a Winter Night
2. Netherworld - Frozen Divinity
3. Netherworld - Closing to a Glazial Dawn
4. Nadja & Netherworld - Ice to Magma
5. Nadja - Kriplyana (Melted and refrozen Snow that looks blue in the Morning)

Nadja / Aidan / Leah - Trinatrian

1. Aidan Baker - Ousia
2. Leah Buckareff - Hypostasis
3. Nadja - Perichoresis

Fear Falls Burning & Nadja - Fear Falls Burning & Nadja

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV

Nadja / Methadrone - Absorption

1. Nadja - Absorbed in you
2. Methadrone - A View into Emptyness
3. Methadrone - Absorbed
4. Methadrone - Sustained Presence of Loss
5. Methadrone - Placebo Part II

Moss / Nadja - Split

1. Moss - ...Of Flesh and Blood
2. Nadja - I am as Earth

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