Thursday, November 5, 2009

Menace Ruin - Discography

This Quebec’s duo came together in autumn 2006, when they began composing the songs that would form their debut recording, In Vulva Infernum, a scalding blast of synthesized power electronics, programmed drums and noise guitar boosted by amps, slamming against the sides of Geneviève’s frozen, Nico-esque siren vocals.
as if Hildegard of Bingen were recruited, by time machine, to join Black Sabbath. A mesmerising feast of dark metal noise which, like the best moments of Deathspell Omega, is laced with intense bursts of spiritual visions.

While the debut album “Cult of ruins”, took its starting point in a brutal cocktail of fast Black Metal and ear-shattering Harsh Noise the follow-up titled “The die is cast” stays true to the metal scene though it doesn’t aim for the sonic extremities. The tempo has been slowed down to heavy down-tempo and martial rythms.

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Regular Studio Albums

 Menace Ruine - The Die is Cast (2008)

1. One too many
2. This Place of Power
3. The Die is Cast
4. Surface Vessel
5. Dismantling
6. Utterly Destitute
7. The Bosom of the Earth

Menace Ruine - In Vulva Infernum (2008)

1. Omnia in Nihil
2. Permanently Liminal
3. In reverse we die
4. Dark Mother

Menace Ruine - Cult of Ruins (2008)

1. Process of Bestialization
2. Sky as Reversed Abyss
3. Kill the Egregore
4. The who enter Caves
5. Bounded by Wyrd
6. Dove Instinct
7. Atavism


  1. so fucking good, i've been trying to get in vulva infernum forever

  2. ...ditto what AJ said. The cassette has been sold out since forever. Amazing to fill the gap in my collection! Thank you!

  3. Track #2 of In Vulva Infernum is a corrupted file and will not transfer. The other three tracks are amazing! Thanks.

  4. I've downloaded "In Vulva Infernum" and the file is perfect. You just need to avoid Mediafire and get your copy from anywhere else.

    By the way: thanks, this post is damn killer!

  5. Thanks. Always looking forward to hearing new stuff.