Thursday, November 12, 2009

Möse - Halfway to Nowhere

Möse in its current form started out somewhere around may 2004. The band derived from longtime collaboration between bassplayer and drummer, which sometimes resulted in them playing in various bands. The initial thought was to add a third instrument not associated with contemporary rockmusic. They ended up recruiting guitarplayers and after initial failure the band found its current line-up. Musically the band finds its inspiration in the ‘long’ tradition of doom-metal, sludgecore, industrial noise and its various offsprings. You might wanna call this ‘a unique blend of diverse styles and musicgenres’ but then again; you might not. A first 7” was released on Mösambique Records and recently they released a split cd with Hog Mountin’ on Psychedoomelic Records. A live-set is fully prepared and the band is ready to play on your festivals and shows. If you wanna know where the name comes from: Möse means cunt in german, swamp in danish, and sludge in south-west flemish… It’s obvious which translation was the first inspiration for the name. Maybe worth mentioning but don’t ever bother them with it again, bandmembers used to play, in following bands: Holefiller, Abrogate, Neuthrone, Thee Plague of Gentlemen, Crunch, Grimaelkin,… Following bands are still going with Möse members: Hellfiller and Gura. David also drums for Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat. Currently the band has recording a full album titled ‘halfway to nowhere’ to be released december 2008.

(Taken from

1. People eat Dogs in China
2. The levee will break
3. I sleep with Demons
4. Hijack Hotel
5. Machines
6. Glass (Instrumental)
7. Halfway to Nowhere

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