Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yppah - They know what Ghost know

Making a swift derivé into beat driven shoegazer styles, Ninja Tune deliver the sophomore album from Houston, Texas' Yppah. The sound is informed by such disparate influences as My Bloody Valentine, Caribou and Spacemen 3, but manages to neatly coincide these into a gloriously ecstatic blend of FX laden guitars and driving rock breakbeats. Joe Corrales Jr is the central character behind Yppah, a figure with a background in both rock bands and as a scratch DJ playing hiphop and house so it's easy to hear how such a guy would come to the sonic conclusion of 'They Know What Ghost Know'. Imagine Daedelus jamming with Kevin Shields and you've gone too far, take a couple of steps back and you've got Yppah.

(Taken from Boomkat)

1. Son saves the Rest
2. Gumball Machine Weekend
3. Playing with Fireworks
4. Shutter Speed
5. The Moon Scene 7
6. They know what Ghost know
7. City Glow
8. Sun Flower, Sun kissed
9. The Tingling
10. Bobbie Joe Wilson
11. A Parking Lot Carnival
12. Southern Sky Tells

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