Thursday, November 19, 2009

Siebensünden - Blod-Slem-Galla

SIEBENSÜNDEN (in German “seven sins”) is one of the oldest european sludge core bands placed in Jönköping (Sweden). The band consist of members from the bands like WARCOLLAPSE, COUNTERBLAST and DOM DÄR. They started in the year 1997 with full-lenght vinyl-only LP “En kula till tröst” on Malárie records from Czech republic. This LP contains four tracks of crusty sounded sludge core with various industrial and noise samples. After long time they recorded second full-lenght album “Blod, slem, galla” which was released in cooperation between Malárie records, ultra doom taliban and PAS-83 productions (bands own label lead by Janne / WARCOLLAPSE) in the year 2005 as gatefold 2LP limited to 300 pieces and 2CD-r and consists of four very long tracks. In the year 2005 they also recorded their third album within the swedish author Nikanor Teratologen which give you a new angle on the subject christian sects and religious indoctrination. An answer to righteous fanatic christians and the new morality movement. This album contains only two long tracks and was released in 2007 as CD format on I HATE records.
The band has all their lyrics in Swedish and never played live.

(Taken from

CD 1
1. Man syns inte ens när man fattas
2. När asgamars stålbad härdar och man står lik i eget hus

CD 2
1. Den multipla individens önskan om personlig genocid
2. Man ska inte döda fler människor än man orkar äta upp

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