Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kiss It Goodbye - She loves me....she loves me not

Vocalist Tim “Trim Swinger” Singer’s talking, screaming, bellowing vocal storytelling sat so nicely atop Kiss It Goodbye’s dynamic and explosive songcraft that drummer Andrew Gormley would later remark to Eclipse magazine that the screamer could effectively make “me throwing my drums around the room” sound good. Equal parts off-time warping and heavy crunching guitar play, Kiss It Goodbye’s music was pummeling enough to appeal to fans of Pantera, personal enough for the hardcore set, and mind-bendingly creative enough to jar loose the cynical “musician” types fond of bands like Voivod and Die Kreuzen.

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One of the most pissed off bands ever. Crushing hardcore with a lot of good breaks and stunning drum parts. Enjoy this badboy!

1. Helvetica
2. Hartley
3. Fire Drill
4. What if
5. We will burn that Bridge when we come to it
6. Ammunition
7. Man Thing
8. Sick Day
9. Put your Head down and run

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