Monday, November 9, 2009

Gaza - He is never coming back

After their first EP, ‘East’, they returned in 2006 with their Black Market Activities debut full-length ‘I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Die’, and are currently finishing recording for their second full length, tentatively titled ‘He’s Never Coming Back’.

At some moments, Gaza are nearly as overwhelming in their rage and misanthropy as Khanate or Today is the Day, with all instruments (voice included) howling out in mad agony at the world around them. Politics, society, religion—their music is the aural effigy of that which they despise.

Of course, all artists respond to their environment, but this band is one of the lucky few that can express the abyss of human emotion through channels that an audience can respect for its eloquent musicality as much as its raw energy. Rather than relying solely on the traditional array of ‘heavy’ techniques—blastbeats, breakdowns, pinch harmonics, extreme dissonance, etc.—Gaza draw deeply from wells across the entire metal community and resourcefully come up with some tricks of their own.

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1. How it is. How it's going to be
2. The Kicking Legs
3. Bishop
4. The Biologist
5. Windowless House
6. He is never coming back
7. Canine Disposal Unit
8. The Anthropologist
9. The Meat of a Leg Joint
10. The Astronomer
11. Tombless
12. The Historian
13. Cannivore

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