Sunday, November 8, 2009

United Nations - United Nations

United Nations is an experimental punk supergroup whose roots go back to at least 2005 formed by Geoff Rickly, the singer/lyricist of the band Thursday.

Other artists rumored to be involved in the project most noteably include Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw/Head Automatica fame along with Ben Koller of Converge. A handful of other names have also been mentioned: Chree (The Number Twelve Looks Like You), Eric Cooper (Kiss It Goodbye) Lukas Previn (Acid Tiger) Tom Keeley (Thursday) Jonah Bayer (The Lovekill).

Since Rickly is the only member whose primary band is currently not under contract, his name is the only one that can legally appear in press materials. Press photos of the band released in 2008 depict four people wearing Ronald Reagan masks, believed to be because of this reason. The only exception to this being when Daryl breifly mentioned being involved in the project to Punk News in 2005 ( Baring all this in mind, the official line-up is not well known.

The bands debut record entiled United Nations was released in September 2008 amid much controversy surrounding the original artwork and also the bands

(

1. The Spinning Heart of the Yo-Yo Lobby
2. No Sympathy for a sinking Ship
3. Resolutin #9
4. The Shape of Punk that never came
5. Model UN
6. My cold War
7. Filmed in Front of a live Studio Audience
8. Revolutions in Graphic Design
9. I keep living the same Day
10. Sublimal Testing
11. Say Goodbye to General Figment of the USS Imagination

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