Thursday, November 19, 2009

Torture Wheel / Moss - The Bridge ov Madness

Torture Wheel

Torture Wheel is a side project of the Horror Metal band Wraith of the Ropes. It is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist E.M. Hearst and he has been the sole member of Torture Wheel throughout it’s entire existence. Occasionally though, his Wraith of the Ropes band mate, Scarecrow Jack Rottinghouse, will also contribute keyboards to a song, so he could be seen as an unoffical second member of the band.

The musical inspiration for forming Torture Wheel came originally from listening to extreme “Funeral Doom” bands of the past decade, but inspiration comes from many different forms of music… doom metal, black metal, heavy metal, 70’s prog & psychedelic rock, industrial, abstract / soundscape / musique concrete and so on… Torture Wheel pledges allegiance to no one genre, it is an ever evolving entity.


One of the most extreme doom acts out there. Moss is sort of like an unholy mixture between funeral doom and sludge doom. Ultra slow, Ultra heavy music that will appeal to all fans of extreme doom metal. The sick screams add even more to the distorted musical view of Moss. The music however also knows some more ambient parts, which help the foreboding atmosphere even more. Moss is one of the most interesting Doom acts of recent times, but only for those who are into extreme Doom.

1. Torture Wheel - Sarah (in the black Mirror)
2. Torture Wheel - Chapel (the shattered stained Glass)
3. Torture Wheel - Blood Mirror (the crawling Faces)
4. Moss - Aldebaran
5. Moss - Beneathbelow

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