Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Smashed Ruins - Silence

Based on a more that ten years old friendship between guitarist Tobias T. and drummer Sven K., at the beginning of 2008 the first common activities started and the band were officially founded. Together means already in 2005 a sound carreer without any name and titel made of Tobias T. was released through the former music label “Wäldliche Tonschmiede” of Sven K., which was used as a draft and inspiration for the cooperated project Smashed Ruins. This record was originally offered with computerized drums and a more easier to the situation at this time leveled sound quality. The final reason for new and together song writings and band activities were the positive reviews and customer feedback about the untitled release as well as the bands own belief of the quality and uniqueness of the songs and their atmospheric effect. Because of new possibilities both in audio engeneering and musical development, at the beginning of 2008 Smashed Ruins decided to work on new songs, first in the rehearsal room and after this in the recording studio. The results are the II. - and V. - chapter of their actual debut album. The remaining included chapters are re-recordings of the original untitled release with little changed guitar- and drum patterns.

Goals: As well as on the untitled release of 2005, which contains a statement of Tobias T. about the nowadays metal culture and its commercial and brashly impertinent presentation of some bands, the biggest goal is still to create a musical dimension persisting pure atmosphere. To take an effect the songs of Smashed Ruins also still don’t need any lyrical outpourings, great learnings or other idle talk. Rather experiments have shown that fixed lyrics and vocal parts destroy the music and its atmosphere completely and would deviates from the basics, even the guitar playing. Instead of this, Smashed Ruins decided for selective insert parts of words and screams to give the last needed tweak to the music.

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1. Chapter I
2. Chapter II
3. Chapter III
4. Chapter IV
5. Chapter V
6. Chapter VI
7. Chapter VII

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