Sunday, November 15, 2009

Atavist / Nadja - Discography

Atavist and Nadja are doom/drone metal bands from the UK and Canada. They have collaborated on two albums. The first, titled 12012291920/1414101, released in 2007 on Invada Records, a UK based record label. Consisting of two near 30 minute pieces of drone and guitar experimentation, it differs from Atavist’s usual style of doom metal, and leans more toward the drone sound of Nadja. The second, titled II: Points At Infinity, was released in 2008 on Profound Lore Records, it again consists of two long tracks, both approxiamately 22 minutes each.

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Regular Studio  Albums

Atavist / Nadja - II: Points at Infinity (2008)

1. Projective Plane
2. Closed Curve

Atavist / Nadja - 12012291920 / 1414101 (2007)

1. Twentyfour:sixteen
2. Twentynine:thirtyseven

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