Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rosetta - The Galilean Satelites

Philadelphia quartet Rosetta push the boundaries between metal, progressive, post-rock, space rock, and hardcore, providing an experimental songwriting technique filled with chaos and atmospherics. A band whose sounds range from Pink Floydian / progressive rock sonic layering to walls of pure static ambience to crushing, sweeping sludgey riffage. Their first album (The Galilean Satellites) was an especially ambitious project: the goal was to record two albums of equal length (one a metal album , the other a noise/ambient/drone album), each of which could stand on its own two feet, but together would create a richer, more rewarding experience. The band recorded the album in quadrophonic sound which lends itself well to the bands unique experiments in noise, sampling, feedback and power. The sheer amount of aural input means every listen becomes a new experience, allowing you to pick up on more and more layers within the sounds.

Their next album (Wake/Lift) was a bit more restrained but for this reason, really allows the band’s cohesion to solidify and prove themselves worthy of the (mainstream of the) artsier metal world.

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This was the record that got me toally into sludge. I was going crazy when I first realized that you have to combine both discs to get the full sound of the record. So I put up both versions of it. The none combined two disc set and the combined one disc version. Enjoy.

1. Départe / Deneb
2. Europa / Capella
3. Absent / Beta Aquilae
4. Itinérant / Ross 128
5. Au Pays Natal / Sol

Combined Version
Two Disc Version

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