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Count Raven - Discography

Of the several Black Sabbath-inspired bands on the Hellhound label, Sweden’s Count Raven, founded in 1987, was probably the most representative of the classic sound for which Hellhound was renowned. The band comes dangerously close to cloning (especially with the vocals being very Ozzy Osbourne-like) but in general the songs are strong enough to overlook this. After four albums (all pretty similar in style), a deteriorating working relationship between founder Dan Fondelius (vocals, guitar) and the other two members, Tommy Erikkson (bass) and Christer Pettersson (drums) forced the band to fold in March of 1999. Fondelius went on to form a new band by the name of Doomsday Government. All of their albums have been re-issued by Cyclone Empire Records in 2006.

After the reunion in 2004 the trio split again two years later, so Dan Fondelius hired Jens Bock (drums) and Fredrik Jansson (bass).


Regular Studio Albums

Count Raven - Storm Warning (1990)

1. Intro (Count Raven)
2. Inam Naudemina
3. True Revelation
4. In the Name of Rock'n'Roll
5. Sometimes a Great Nation
6. Within the Garden of Mirrors
7. A Devastating Age
8. How Can It Be
9. Social Warfare


Count Raven - Destruction of the Void (1992)

1. Until Death Do Us Part
2. Hippies Triumph
3. Destruction Of The Void
4. Let The Dead Bury The Dead
5. Northern Lights
6. Leaving The Warzone
7. Angel Of Death
8. The Final Journey
9. No One's Hero
10. Europa


Count Raven - High on Infinity (1993)

1. Jen
2. Children's Holocaust
3. In Honour
4. The Madman From Waco
5. Masters Of All Evil
6. Ode To Rebecca
7. High On Infinity
8. An Ordinary Loser
9. Traitor
10. The Dance
11. The Coming
12. Lost World
13. Cosmos


Count Raven - Messiah of Confusion (1996)

1. Prediction
2. Shadow Box
3. The Loneliest One
4. Fallen Angels
5. Mountains Spirit
6. The Lie of Life
7. P.S.I. Power
8. Shine
9. The Divided World
10. The Viking Sea


Count Raven - Mammons War (2009)

1. The Poltergeist
2. Scream
3. Nashira
4. The Entity
5. Mammons War
6. A Lifetime
7. To Kill a Child
8. To Love, Wherever You Are
9. Magic Is...
10. Seven Days
11. Increasing Deserts


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