Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Section on the Blog - Roadburn 2010

Hey folks,

as we are going to attend the next years Roadburn Festival in Tilburg (don't forget all you fellow Roadburners, ticket sales are starting this saturday at 10am central European time!) we decided to put on a new section that will feature the complete discographies of all the bands playing the festival next year. There is nothing better then to explore new music and enjoy a good live set. We're starting this little project this week and will finish the whole thing till christmas so that you will have some nice music under your christmas tree.

Another thing that's on my mind is the stuff you guys sending us in. We received a hand full of interesting records allready. But as it is taking time to handel the regular stuff and the newbies we haven't had the time to put your records up here. Because we're planning to push unknown artists a little bit more. Everyone who gots the spirit and the creative powers to record material should be supported - and if it's only on our small blog. So don't wonder when you receive a mail from us that we will put your records up and they haven't been put online since then. I'm going to post the stuff I received so far this weekend.

And a last thing on this topic. We do this for fun as we like to share good music and new music with other people. And as far as I can tell it seems like a lot of you guys like the stuff they find here and that is just fucking cool. But sometimes it would be nice to just find a "thanks" in the comments or in the shoutbox. It's always motivating when you see that other people appreciate your work, and even if it's just running a blog.

So long enjoy your stay at Cult Of Ruins and take care,
Cult Of Ruins Team


  1. totally guilty of not leaving comments. thank you and keep on posting killer shit. One of my favorite blogs!

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