Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Voodooshock - Marie's Sister's Garden

Voodooshock is a german Stoner/Traditional Doom Metal band, found in 1998. Their style is unique and can be compared with the big ones in Traditional Doom Metal like Saint Vitus, Trouble and Pentagram! Every Doom Metal fan should know them!

This is the second Full-Length of this great Stoner Doom band. Listen to their songs on their Myspace Site! Enjoy!

1. Please Let All Truth in Your Heart
2. Marie's Sister's Garden
3. Funeral Farewell
4. Feeding Flames with Letters
5. Truth
6. Custom-made but Sacrificed
7. Miserable Mercy
8. Warm Knives Cut Deeper
9. I Need a Rest
10. Diamond Queen
11. You Don't Need to Fear Death


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