Friday, October 16, 2009

A Storm of Light - And we wept the Black Ocean within

The first Album of this Josh Graham sidekick. Posting the whole disco. Enjoy!

A Storm Of Light is:

Josh Graham (ex Battle Of Mice, ex Red Sparowes, Blood And Time, Neurosis): guitar, vocals, synthesizers, banjo, piano
Domenic Seita (ex Tombs): bass, backing vocals, percussion
Andy Rice (ex Sinking Ships): drums and percussion
Joel Hamilton (ex Battle Of Mice, Book Of Knots): guitar, modular synth, Wurlitzer, percussion


1. Adrift
2. Vast and Endless
3. Black Ocean
4. Thunderhead
5. Undertow
6. Mass
7. Leaden Tide
8. Breach
9. Descent
10. Iron Heart


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