Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doom:VS - Dead Words Speak

Johan Ericson is a multitalented musician and producer with a number of projects of his own. The most distinguished of these is Draconian; a gothic/doom act which Johan established in 1994. Johan started out as a drummer but soon expanded his field of capacity. From the profound elevation of this distinct mind calls also the spirit of Doom:vs; a project born from the idea of constructing something utterly dark in the unique field of doom metal, closer to bands such as Shape of Despair and Mourning Beloveth. Although his worship of bands like Pentagram (U.S.) and Trouble didn’t reflect on his plans this time.

(from Last.fm)

An epic, misanthropic and melancholic Funeral Doom masterpiece. One-man project of the Draconian guitar player. For fans of Shape of Despair, Skepticism and Longing For Dawn. Enjoy!

1. Half-Light
2. Dead Words Speak
3. The Lachymal Sleep
4. Upon The Cataract
5. Leaden Winged Burden
6. Threnode

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