Monday, October 19, 2009

Death in June - The Guilty have no Pride (Re-Issue)

Early Death in June (1981–1985)

Death in June soon left the reticent punk scene behind and began to infuse their sound with electronics and martial style drumming, combined with a Joy Division-influenced post-punk sound. Their lyrics maintained much of the poetry and political urgency of the early Crisis recordings. Tracks such as the early single sides "Holy Water" and "State Laughter" demonstrated an ongoing fascination with political systems. Further on, Douglas P. would abandon any overt interest in politics in favor of a more esoteric approach to his work.

The band played their first show on November 25, 1981 in London, England, supporting The Birthday Party followed by a short British tour in 1982 (the May 28 show was released unofficially by Patrick Leagas later in 1987 as Oh How We Laughed) and a more extensive tour in 1983.

For 1983's The Guilty Have No Pride LP, Death in June began to adopt a more traditional European folk sound, using more acoustic guitars, references to ancient and contemporary European history, and combining heavy percussion with electronic soundscapes and post-industrial experimentation.

(Taken from Wikipedia)
The first full length of Death in June featuring more industrial and post-punk than neofolk. One of my most admired records bei DIJ, enjoy!


1. Till the living Flesh is Burned
2. All Alone ins her Nirvana
3. State Laughter
4. Nothing Changes
5. Nation
6. Heaven Street (MK II)
7. The Guilty have no Pride
8. Heaven Street
9. In the Nighttime
10. We drive East
11. Holy Water


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