Sunday, October 25, 2009

Isthmus - Land Bridge

Isthmus is a progressive metal band from Baltimore, MD. The four-piece group was formed in 2005 by guitarist/vocalist Noel Mueller, and drummer Chris May. Guitarist Matt Hogans and bassist Joe Kienle completed the band in 2007. Among other attempts at description, they have compared to recent acts, Mastodon, Russian Circles, Intronaut, and Neurosis.

In the Spring of 2008, they entered the studio to record their full-length debut album “Land Bridge.” The album was recorded and engineered by Bill Mueller at Vision-Audio studios. Although quite melodic, “Land Bridge” twists and turns through angular riffs and crushing waves of distortion, with a level of rhythmic complexity well above the pack of recent ‘atmospheric metal’ bands.

(Taken from
The description fits the band very good. But I wouldn't call it progressive metal and there is not  really a closer relation to Neurosis. Mostly post-rockish sound meeting sludge sound walls. Enjoyable record.

1. Intro
2. On Curl of Sand
3. Perihelion I
4. Perihelion II
5. Perihelion III
6. Red Shift I
7. Red Shift II
8. Land Bridge
9. Sea Vaporum
10. Outro

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