Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boyd Rice and Friends - Wolf Pact

Boyd Rice and Friends is the name of a neofolk “supergroup” around NON mastermind Boyd Rice. The only static member of this project is - of course - Boyd Rice. Other well known part time members of another project called Boyd Rice & Fiends are Douglas P. (Death in June), Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch) and Michael Moynihan (Blood Axis) and Rose McDowall (Coil, Current 93, Sorrow).

(Taken from

1. Watery Leviathan
2. The forgotten Father
3. Tomb of the forgotten Father
4. Wolf Pact
5. Worlds Collide
6. Their Bad Blood
7. Rex Mundi
8. Murder Bag
9. The Reign Song
10. Joe liked to go (to the Cemetry)
11. Fire shall come
12. The Orchid and the Death's Hand
13. For their whole Lives long

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