Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daturah - Reverie

Daturah was formed in December 2003 in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. This quintet plays lengthy mostly songs.

* Mathias: guitar
* Flo: guitar
* Patrick: drums
* Benni: bass
* Seb: samples, synth

Additional Members:
* Raul: live visuals

The band released their self-financed debut album in May 2005. This demo, Daturah, was released half a year later on the American Indie-label Graveface Records. In the next year the band played nearly a hundred shows with Mono, Gregor Samsa and Do Make Say Think.

Their second album, reverie, was released in 2008 on Graveface Records and Golden Antenna Records.


Epic Post-Rock with Metal influence. Live absolutely amazing. Enjoy!

1. Ghost Track
2. Hybrisma
3. 9
4. Deep B Flat
5. Vertex

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