Thursday, October 29, 2009

Iskra - Bureval

Iskra is a crust punk band with heavy black metal influence (a style they dub “blackened crust”) from Canada. Iskra was formed by members of the ’90s crust band Black Kronstadt, whose sound was more comparable to that of bands like Provoked. The band has recently been gaining a lot of attention in the NW crust and grindcore scenes. They played at 2007’s Burning Portland, a massive 2 day crust/grind festival. Iskra was denied entry into the US for a recent tour, and had to cancel numerous dates, but were eventually able to finish most of the tour.

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Blackened Crust-Punk from Canada, Bureval is their latest album from '09. Enjoy!

1. Hounds of Order
2. Within the Black
3. Dubrovlag
4. Bureval
5. Okhrana
6. Okeanos
7. Krondstat
8. Wolf of Winter
9. 80,000
10. Wie alles Anfing

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