Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Methadrone - Better living (Through Chemistry)

The sound of Methadrone is structured around 2-bass guitars, one rhythm and one lead along with programmed drum patterns and some ambient key sounds and vocals. The Methadrone concept was concieved in ‘97 but was not implemented until ‘03 after the disbandment of Womb (www.necroharmonic.com) in ‘02 (also structured around 2-basses).
The personel: Craig Pillard (Vizionz)(ex-Incantation, Disciples of Mockery, Womb) - vox/ lead bass/ programing and Randi Stokes - rhythm bass.

(Taken from Last.fm)
With Sterility they were turning away from the mostly old drone parts and getting more in the direction of ambient. This new record from autumn 2009 now continues this journey. More ambient, less drone, but still not a lack of quality! Enjoy!


1. Flight to nowhere
2. Biodone
3. Cold deep blue
4. Polamidon
5. Better living (Through Chemistry)
6. Buprenorphene
7. Toward Elysium
8. Dolophine
9. Slough Realism
10. Spiritual Synthesis (Part I)
11. Spiritual Synthesis (Part II)

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