Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fistula - We, the Beast

Fistula are stoner/sludge metal. They’ve had many line-up changes around the two key members Corey Bing and Bahb Branca and had disbanded shortly after the split with Burmese in 2004. Since returning in 2006 with the ‘For a Better Tomorrow’ EP, they’ve released two epic full lengths on Crucial Bliss, namely ‘Inverted Black Star’ and ‘Lessons in Lamentation’, an EP and split and another album ‘Burdened by Your Existence’, which brings us up to date.

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If you're into filthy sludge covered by nice stoner you will love Fistula. This is the newest EP from 2009 from the guys. Fistula fuck 'em all!

1. The Pessimist
2. Bipolar Bear
3. The Teething
4. Die, you're a fucking Cop
5. We don't need you
6. New found hope
7. Get thru
8. It's happening again
9. Depression Session

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