Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shora - Live at Roadburn 2009

From Switzerland, Shora are an instrumental quartet who have already released a split CD with Merzbow and their own Shaping The Random debut followed by Malval. For their 3rd record Shora have done a bit of a stylistic about turn. Gone is the chaotic noisecore of their past, which has now given way to darkly epic instrumental post-rock. It would be all too easy to compare Shora to bands like Isis or Pelican.

Shora craft their purely instrumental music with a suitably wide sonic palette, employing both traditional instruments and electronics. Dual guitar lines lay down a web of tightly interwoven melodies that continuously evolve and shift, keeping the listener in an almost hypnotic state throughout. The bass lines are fluid and dense with just the right amount of grit to cut through. The keyboards are used sparingly and add an ethereal sheen to the proceedings. This is all underpinned by a rhythm section that not only drives the whole thing forward but also adds a significant level of interest. Their drummer employs a highly rhythmic and busy style that manages to strike a successful balance between simple rhythmic repetition and more complex patterns.
Currently, Shora are busy recording their new album. Conspiracy Records is expecting it to be finished in 2008.

(Taken from
This stream was recorded directly from the soundboard of this years Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. One of the rare Shora live shows and you get all the post-rock mayhem you are looking for. Released as on-demand stream via Roadburn Records. Enjoy your hour with Shora!

1. Shora - Live at Roadburn Festival 2009 (One Track Rip)

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