Thursday, October 15, 2009

White Mice - Ganjahovahdose

The band dresses as mutilated/mutated laboratory mice during their live performances (see artist photos), and have played with labelmates Lightning Bolt on many occasions. The band has recently finished a tour where they opened for Skinny Puppy.

(Taken from

Here's the new record from 2009 that's named Ganjahovahdose. A nice mix between noise, noise rock and experimental oscillator tunes. Enjoy your brains melting!


1. Passsthefissst
2. Ganjahovahdose
3. The hard on of Edam
4. Placenta the Crotchtower
5. Peeeugenicyst
6. The Ape-Caca-Lips
7. The Crapture
8. The Shroud of Urine
9. Onth' Ragggnorock
10. The Narcomacauleakcolicost


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