Thursday, October 29, 2009

Queen Elephantine - Kailash

Queen Elephantine is meditative blues of whirlwind ghost ships forced down the hopeless maelstroms of the Nile. Improvised, modal stoner/doom from Hong Kong.

Rooting from the guitar-bass duo of Indrayudh Shome and Daniel Quinn, the band went on through several lineup changes and a split with Massachusetts’ Elder. They finally settled on a four-piece, with the addition of drummers Michael Isley and Alex Buck, which first started to garner recognition in Hong Kong as well as recording both the acclaimed split with Sons of Otis and the massive full length “Surya”.

Shome then moved to the United States of America in late 2007, where he reassembled the band alongside vocalist Rajkishen Narayanan. Andrew Jude Riotto, bass
Brett Zweiman on tabla and Chris Dialogue on drums complete the current line-up.

(Taken from

1. Search for the deathless State
2. Gloaming
3. -
4. The Vulture and the Creed
5. Priest
6. Godblood
7. Khora

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