Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kongh & Ocean Chief - Kongh & Ocean Chief (Split)

Kongh’s side is a twenty-five minute doom flotilla called “Drifting on Waves.” The sound of the water at the outset could be interpreted in a number of ways: it could relate to the barren wasteland of music ahead, it could relate to the watery grave for which the protagonist of this song is headed, or it could relate to the musical bath provided by the guitar tones. In any case, this Swedish trio knows how to craft intricate, emotive tracks. The first section is thick with dark atmospherics. Every chord and rhythm is forced out with a finality that threatens to grind the song to a halt. Guitarist and vocalist David Johansson sings as if his voice is barely escaping his throat. This immediacy commands attentions; it’s hard to do anything else besides sitting back and listening.

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1. Kongh - Drifting on Waves
2. Ocean Chief - Freija

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