Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GREYMACHINE - Disconnected

Justin K Broadrick led project featuring Dave Cochrane, Aaron Turner and Diarmuid Dalton for the first album ‘Disconnected’, released the 4th of August. GREYMACHINE is JKB - Guitars, Vocals, FX, Drums, Programmed Bass. Dave Cochrane - Basses. Aaron Turner - Guitars, FX, Vocals. Diarmuid Dalton - Synths, Radio, Tapes.

(Taken from Last.fm)

1. Wolf at the Door
2. Vultures descend
3. When Attention just isn't enough
4. Wasted
5. We are all fucking Liars
6. Just Breathing
7. Sweatshop
8. Easy Pickings
9. Untitled

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