Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Fall Of Every Season - From Below

The Fall Of Every Season is the main project of Norwegian artist and songwriter Marius Strand. From at first being an underground Internet-phenomenon in 2004, this band project arose as a doom metal force to be reckoned with when the debut album, From Below, was released in 2007. All instruments and vocals were handled by Strand, defining The Fall Of Every Season as a one-man-band. Apart from just being a melodic doom metal production, this album also featured acoustic guitars and an emphasis on dynamics between the brutal and the melancholic.

With the recording of a new album in 2009 entitled Amends, The Fall Of Every Season’s emphasis on the typical down-tempo repetitive riffing is less present, while the melodies and variations in riffs play an even more important part than before. In that sense, the band could now be categorized as more of a progressive metal band. The spirit of doom and melancholy is still very present in the atmosphere of the songs, though.

(from Last.fm)

This album has the best lyrics I've ever seen. Great Doom Metal in the vein of Agalloch, The Morningside and Doom:VS. Enjoy!

1. From Below 11:53
2. Sisyphean 4:27
3. The Triumphant Beast 12:35
4. Escape of the Dove 3:40
5. Her Withering Petals

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