Saturday, October 24, 2009

Invasion - The Master Alchemist

London’s Invasion are a heavy bass-less trio made up of two girls and one metal geek. They finalised their line-up in January 2007 and play short, fast, riff-based tracks with incredible vox to accompany an early 90’s drunk-metal attack.

Invasion released their limited 4 track debut 7” EP ‘Moongazer’ in the summer 2008 (Run for Your Lives) and recently recorded their debut album ‘The Master Alchemist’ in 4 days at Toerag Studios with James Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco. Following two 10” releases in June (‘Conjure War’) and August (‘Spells of Deception’) The album is due in September from This is Music Ltd.

Great Psychedelic Metal from London. Enjoy!

1. Follow The Smoke
2. Conjure War
3. Alchemy
4. Spells Of Deception
5. Rainbows
6. Cursed Treasure
7. Kings
8. Moongazer
9. Invasion
10. Evil Forest
11. Six Red Wizards
12. Chaos & The Ancient Night


1 comment:

  1. This album is fucking amazing!
    it's just like if you mixed up Kyuss, Dozer, The Bellrays, Black Sabath and Aretha Franklin!
    Thanks a lot for share it!