Monday, October 26, 2009

Drug Problem - Drug Problem

Wellington's Kings of Ugly. 10 tracks of some of the ugliest, torturous power violence to ever rear it's head in New Zealand. "Recorded by Sean, this full length cdr has lived up to all my expectations. With scary to just plane ridiculas samples, you can definatly tell these guys are horror movie buffs. Droning gutars, with mad blasts of chaos thrown in, with insane, no sense lyrics. This cdr is a must for any fan of NZ hardcore/punk. $10 with a full color booklet worth every penny." Chris Sik Fuk

Taken from here...

This release is just insane and I have to admit it totally blew me away. Fucking blew me away. Power violence meeting heavy sludge and some nice movie quotes. One most be from Twin Peaks. If you like it heavy and brutal then this baby will make your day.

1. Sexually Transmitted Text Message
2. Cottage Cheese Facelift
3. Wearing your Wife's Dressing Gown
4. Mermaid in Manhole
5. Fanny Fish Bag
6. If I had Arms I'd kill myself
7. (Charloten Heston) A Man of the Image
8. The Towering Wall
9. Where's your Sister tonight
10. Your Dad's Cumming

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  1. this is available as an LP now, enjoy: