Friday, October 23, 2009

The Devil's Blood - Come, Reap

Crawling out of the scattered ashes and smoking remnants of his former bands, S.L. decided it was time to finally start writing his own songs. He started to write as his whole life seemed to burn up besides him, as if his life and sanity depended on it. In the flames, however, he found a new and surprisingly comfortable niche. No longer content with being second man in anyone else’s band or project he wanted to channel the power of darkness and choas directly through himself and into his fellow musicians. This tight coven of friends, satanists, heretics and iconoclasts was formed in late 2007 and…

…anno 2008 THE DEVIL’S BLOOD is ALIVE!!!

THE DEVIL’S BLOOD are currently getting ready to start playing shows and to record an album. They will perform their first ever live ritual on the Roadburn festival on the 17th of April 2008 alongside names as Down and Grand Magus.

Be prepared as well for the limited 7“ with a new recorded version of „The Graveyard Shuffle“ and the new chant „A Waxing Moon Over Babylon“ banned in bloodred vinyl and to be released on Roadburn Pre-Heat, the 17th of April!


Just an awesome EP by an awesome, new psychedelic rock band. Maybe hyped, but worth it! Enjoy!

1. Come, Reap
2. River Of Gold
3. The Heavens Cry Out For The Devil's Blood
4. White Faces
5. Voodoo Dust


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