Friday, October 23, 2009

Fight Amp - Manners and Praise

Best described as a more punk-influenced Unsane or Jesus Lizard, Fight Amp offers up healthy portions of distorted bass lines, abrasive guitars and pummeling drumming, making Hungry for Nothing an excellent example of a noise-rock-meets-punk-meets-hardcore crossover

(Taken from
Let's add a good portion of sludge on this one and we get a solid noise-rock/sludge record. If you like Unsane you will like this one. Enjoy!

1. Bad Listener I
2. Time is Money
3. Be safe
4. Elbows off
5. Don't I know you
6. Faith in Man
7. Better Sun
8. GoGetter
9. Magic Words
10. Half a Holiday
11. Extra Regular
12. School
13. Bad Listener II

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