Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sir Richard Bishop - The Freak of Araby

By trade Sir Richard Bishop is a dealer of rare occult books and fine paper ephemera. For many in the musical cosmos, he has occasion to travel the smoke filled carnie circuit as 1/3 of the Sun City Girls medicine show. But in the twilight hours of a shadow world sensed only by few, Bishop is a dazzling unaccompanied guitarist.

Thanks to the powers that BE, in early 2005, Sir Richard Bishop began extensive touring as a solo artist, performing throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States, armed with only an acoustic guitar. His multiminded solo playing reflects influences of Django Reinhardt, Jimmy Page, and Ravi Shankar & the sounds of India, the Middle East and other points along the Gypsy trail.

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The man is a legend. His newest album got the focus on Arabian / Middle East influenced folk. Enjoy!

1. Taqasim for Omar
2. Enta Omri
3. Barbary
4. Solenzara
5. The Pillars of Baalbek
6. Kaddak el Mayass
7. Essaouria
8. Ka'an Azzaman
9. Sidi Mansour
10. Blood Stained Sands

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